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myTranscriptionPlace delivers 100% human-generated transcription with 99% accuracy. This means that the transcription is not done by a machine but rather by a human who manually transcribes the audio file. The process of transcription is much more accurate than machine-generated transcripts. myTranscriptionplace only works with Natives. The transcripts done by Natives are more authentic, as they are based on a person's natural speech patterns. We offer Audio Transcription, Video Transcription, Market Research Transcription (In-depth interviews & Focus Group Discussions), Medical Transcription, Podcast Transcription, & Legal Transcription.

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Why Choose our Professional Transcription Service

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All transcripts are delivered by a qualified human professional transcriber and not a machine. Get accurate transcription within affordable budget, ready to use with no more edit hassles.

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Per Min

Affordable price with quality assurance. Our price starts from $0.75/min and vary depending on language and no of speakers. Looking for a rush job, we deliver fast transcription at $0.95/min for a 24 hour turnaround.

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Accuracy Guaranteed

Each transcript is peer checked by a native transcriptionist and corrected with our stringent quality control.

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Native Speakers

We believe in human transcription and work only with native speakers for the target language, also we ensure that these transcribers are fluent in English.

How It Works

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Collection of files

You can mail us your files or send a link or just give us contact details of research agency you are working with and we will ensure we collect the files on your behalf.

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myTranscriptionPlace Magic

We will asssign the audio file to carefully vetted native transcribers.Each transcription would be checked by native transcriber on '3 point' quality check framework

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Receive Transcripts

Transcripts will be uploaded in the same link and you will be notified as soon as the file is uploaded.The file will be available for you to download.

Types of Transcription

Now you can convert videos to text. At myTranscriptionPlace, our transcribers take utmost care to ensure that you get an accurate transcript of the videos.

myTranscriptionPlace helps you provide transcripts of dictation audios of Doctors, physicians, and healthcare providers. Our transcribers deliver accurate transcripts due to their proper understanding of medical terms.

Now get the Podcast in script form in a language of your choice. myTranscriptionPlace will help you get accurate and reliable transcripts.

Get an accurate transcript of the audios of interviews, academic study & research, musical lyrics, conference recordings etc.,

myTranscriptionPlace has vast experience in delivering transcription for In-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions of the market research segment.


myTranscriptionPlace vs Other Leading Platforms

We believe in transparent & standardised pricing and keeping things simple for our customers. Below are some of our indicative prices for transcriptions.

English Transcription Pricing (Per Minute) in USD
myTranscriptionPlace Rev GMR Scribie
Price per audio minute $0.75 $1.25 $1.25 $0.95
Multiple Speakers add $0.20 $0.00 $0.25 $0.00
Specific accents/extra services $0.15 $0.00 $0.50 $0.50
Total $ per audio minute $1.00 $1.25 $2.00 $1.30

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