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A perfect amalgamation of
Human Transcription and Automated Analysis

Our carefully vetted, native speakers provide accurate transcripts as per your requirements. We provide content analysis which is easily sorted into categories, completely navigable, and also analyses consumer sentiment.

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Problem with current content analysis practices

Currently, the content analysis is either

Direct content analysis by humans from the audio

When humans directly listen to audio and do the content analysis they miss out on the cross analysis. Also, there is no way to understand if some data was plainly skipped.

Manual copy pastes from human-generated transcripts
to excel files

Manually copy pasting data is very time-consuming and inefficient.

Our approach - 4 steps

Get the best of both worlds- Human accuracy with machine efficiency with myTranscriptionPlace

Native Human Transcript

Audio/video is transcribed by a native human being into a legit transcript.

Quality Check

The transcript is quality checked by a reviewer for completeness and accuracy.

Creates Analysis Heads

Based on the discussion guide, a human will create the list of analysis heads.

Automated Content Analysis

Text analytics algorithms are then run on the transcripts to create automated content analysis.

Why you should choose

myTranscriptionPlace for content analysis

Work with myTranscriptionPlace for the most efficient content analysis with salient features, and let us make your work easier.

Easy sorting

Huge amounts of unstructured data can be sorted easily. All data is searched for specific words that are then presented in an easily digestible format.


Due to the ability of content analysis, large amounts of data are automatically sorted into different keywords and variable sets. This saves time as the researcher no longer has to scour documents after documents.

Effort saving

Another added benefit becomes that of saving effort. The features of content analysis are such that the effort required to sort and search is cut down by a lot. One does not have to individually scan through multiple data files.

Useful for large data

Content analysis makes the work of a researcher easier, especially when working with large amounts of data. It automatically sorts and filters data for you, saving you the hassle of navigating huge files.

Features of myTranscriptionPlace

Keyword Highlight

With this feature, one can search for a keyword and results will show a highlighted compilation of the various places in which the keyword has occurred. Keyword highlight makes work much faster and effortless.

Response Segregation

Response segregation divides the entirety of the document into responses given by each individual speaker. This is especially useful for market research since data becomes more understandable and usable.

Data Filtering

Content analysis provides the options to sort by variable. It allows you to search data for only a specific variable and shows you only relevant data that you are interested in at that moment.

Sentiment Analysis

This very useful feature highlights and colour codes words and responses with respect to the sentiment they portray. It allows you an effortless analyse of data since it sorts the attitudes and feelings contained in separate responses.

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