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Thoroughness in your research reports is directly proportional to how structured your data analysis is. We help research agencies deliver thoroughly analyzed qualitative reports through help of Generative AI, human experts and process optimization. We can conduct entire qual analysis journey in couple of days.


Why can we do it in 2 Days?

Transcripts to Transcription in Excel to Content Analysis to Second Level Analysis

QDA (CAQDAS) Platform

Our own developed solution for Data sorting and summarization through Generative AI

Human Experts

We have a carefully vetted and trained analyst talent pool that can use our platform and correct Generative AI outputs.

Structured Process

We don't take short cuts. We first transcribe, then code in Excel & then do content analsysis as well as summaries. One by one. All the time.

What we offer?


Done by native human transcribers with 99% accuracy guarantee, in English, from 20+ languages.

Transcripts in Excel

Verbatim coding (transcripts arranged as per your discussion guide questions) by our team of expert analysts.

Topic Level Summaries

Augmented summaries for each research question, for a topic, for a respondent type along with highlighting important and interesting verbatims.

Second Level Analysis

Counts, Grouping and Frequency Distribution of broad themes for each discussion guide question across the entire project.

Already working with the leaders in the space

We take data privacy very seriously

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Trusted by insight community accross the world

We have been working with MyTranscriptionPlace team since November 2022 on several projects. We have commissioned them for transcription and content analysis services on global projects, covering several languages and markets. The team has displayed full cooperation in learning our compliance requirements and produced quality work so far. We hope to continue our collaboration and work with them for projects from UK market as well.
Dale Choi
Director KMK Consulting
I just want to thank you and your team for the really nice work on the topic level summaries section of the CA. This report is a major crunch to finish on my end right now and I am primarily using that section to report write right now and it would take me so much longer if I didn’t have the summaries to go off of. Really happy and grateful for the hard work! Thanks so much
Elizabeth Kasumi
Brand Strategist, Branding Science

Why work with us?

Our top notch language experts provide dependable service that you can rely on. Not just words, we understand intent and context when processing language inputs . Our services are fast, accurate and affordable. We cover more than 100 languages and 130+ countries.

Data Traceability

Ability to drill down from summaries to exact verbatim in the transcript in a couple of clicks.

Integrated Solution

No need to find transcribers and an analyst team separately.

Process Partnership

We understand the drivers of quality in transcription and analysis process. We work closely with research teams to deliver analysis as per project needs.

Affordable Pricing

Our human transcription starts from 1 USD/minute for English and 3.5 USD/minute for European languages. Excel coding at 0.75 USD/ minute. Second level analysis along with flowres Q&A access at 75 USD per interview.

Data Security and Compliance

GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, built on robust AWS infrastructure.

What is researcher time worth?

Save 80% of analysis time & 40% of total cost
  • An average project involving 20 interviews of 60 minutes each yields over 1,50,000 words. That is like reading a Harry Porter Series Book 1 and 2.
  • Just Reading this would take over 10 hours at an average reading speed of 250 words per minute.
  • Add another 40-45 hours for sorting, summarizing, and analyzing the Data.
  • This totals at least to 50 hours of research executive time, equivalent to around $4000 based on a salary of $100K/year.
  • Our integrated solution condenses this workload significantly. By providing second-level analysis summaries, we reduce the word count by 80-90% and save 80% of the analysis time, all without compromising accuracy.

Best of all, our services cost just $2350 for the entire 20-interview project, resulting in a remarkable 40% savings on the total cost if you use your own researchers.

How we engage?

1. We would happily give you an adhoc trial for couple of projects.
2. Once trial is over, we would like to get into a contract with analysis workload well defined.
3. While completing the contracting process, we can build the team as per your defined workload.
4. We work, evaluate and adjust as per your project cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service order is as follows:
Audio/video file to text in English. Coding them in our CAQDAS software (flowres.io), process the ouput with AI for summaries, Summaries curated by human to create complete second level analysis. You can give us the inputs based on the service level that you desire.

1. Video or audio files for transcripts
2. Transcripts for Excel grid analysis
3. Excel grid for second level analysis

We use the world leading Whisper in combination with our own processes and enhancement (Link to Audio Enhancer) Whisper has a world leading accuracy in automated transcription for language to language(Link to Whisper Error Rate chart). For high resource languages like English and Spanish we provide AI transcription + curation. For other languages, we provide direct human transcription. Regardless of what we do, we promise and deliver 99% accuracy. If you are not happy with the quality. Please ask for refund citing the exact issues.

We directly generate language to English transcripts. If done automatically, the translation is done first, and then the transcription.

AI generated output give varying degrees of accuracy. It is typically dependent on the language, the quality of the audio and other factors out of our control.

In order to deliver consistent, high-quality transcripts usable for analysis and reporting purposes, we get these automated transcripts reviewed and curated by linguists.

We have developed LLM on the top of OpenAI. We use the same to deliver the summarization and Q & A capabilities within software.

We are GDPR Compliant, HIPAA Compliant and SOC2 Compliant. All the analysts work only on our platform. That means we dont have to give out the audio and later get delete confirmation. We create NDA and Subprocessing agreement with all the vendors that we work with.

Neither! We are a solution. We understand the problem of balancing rigor with speed of delivery. We want to help researchers get to their research reports faster and more thoroughly. And we believe that this combination of product and service offers a good solution to this problem at this stage of Generative AI development.

We specialize in Consumer Packaged Goods, and Pharma research. Our software is trained on medical transcription and medical terminology data. We have a specialized pool of talent that has background and understanding of healthcare research and medical terminologies. And we have a pool of experienced CAQDAS trained Qual data analysts who can also work on CPG.

We curate talent. We pay them right and we ensure that they understand the importance of getting it right the first time. We ensure to insist briefing meetings for all our clients. We deploy trained analysts for each project and we ensure they attend the client briefing meetings. We do not let analyst work without taking our analysis application test.

No. Its not a typo 😊 Depending on where you are we might sound expensive or reasonable to you. We understand the market research industry. We understand the need for capacity boost during rush times and we understand the need for managing projects within budget. Our largest service cost is our talent and we ensure we pay them right. If we save money, we save them with efficient processes. For instance, when we work on a frequently used language (like English, or German), we deploy AI + Human curation when possible, and pass on the savings to our clients.

Yes, we do. We can provide a monthly subscription depending on the number of resources that might serve your requirements.

Transcription for high resource and vast talent pool can be delivered express within 1 Day. Transcription for low resource and limited talent pool might require 3 days.

QDA is a specialized need and we need a fairly skilled manpower to perform it.We can offer discount only by retaining manpower in house. So, yes we offer discount if you can commit. The discounts can vary from 5 to 15% based on the value of commitment.

Yes, we can. For e.g. we can create direct transcription in excel with only respondent’s response tabulated. (We don’t advise this if traceability is important to you)

It all depends on

1. Whether you have attended the ( Depth interview/ focus group)
2. Taken live notes
3. Have reliable automated transcription available or not
4. Delivery timelines
5. Cost

With that said, cost and delivery timelines can be built into the process if Qual data analysis quality is crucial for you.

Yes, You can.

You can input no of units, Unit length and language of audio to calculate the price and expected delivery turnaround time through our QDA Calculator. Price Calculator

You can scale up only transcription. QDA has a limited scale up ability. If you need to ramp up the analysis , you need to give a prior notice of 1 month and minimum commitment of 100 hours of high resource language (i.e. English, Spanish) or 60 hours of low resource language. We will provide trials as much as you need but for analysis process we don’t really recommend ad hoc if quality and price both are important to you.