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Unlocking Clarity: Transforming Qualitative Research Analysis for Healthcare Research

Sep 23, 2023, Jiten Madia


The healthcare research industry is known for its commitment to data-driven insights, and qualitative research plays a pivotal role in this pursuit. The healthcare research industry is inherently driven by the pursuit of precision and evidence-based decision-making. However, given the crazy project timelines, most healthcare research agencies are required to find ways to optimize and cut down on process time.  Sometimes when you cut down on the process parts, it can create unforeseen challenges. This case study delves into how myTranscriptionplace, through a systematic and innovative approach, revolutionized the agency's qualitative research analysis and helped with process optimization. 


Client Background 

Our client is a reputable healthcare research agency dedicated to unravelling critical insights from interviews and discussions between healthcare professionals and patients. They have a history of delivering impactful research findings to top pharmaceutical companies and pride themselves as one of the best in the industry with focus solely on healthcare research. 


The Problem: 

In the past, our client had relied on their fieldwork partner to provide raw Qualitative analysis data collected through interviews with patients and doctors.  

The fieldwork agency (Another reputed name in healthcare research fielding) would listen to the audio recordings and manually input data into Excel sheets, effectively skipping the crucial step of detailed transcription. This approach was driven by a desire to save primarily the time and also money.  

However, the challenge lay in this process. A depth interview would involve both moderator and a respondent verbatims. While respondent data was undoubtedly crucial, the direct audio listening process focuses solely on recording verbatim responses, entirely omitting the moderator's questions. This omission of this data results in confusion during the report writing stage. Researchers struggle to determine how specific responses were arrived at and sometimes couldn't confirm whether particular questions were even posed during the interviews. This lack of clarity meant more time spent on going back to audios or reaching out to moderators and thus adds a layer of complexity in analysis. 

The Solution: 

myTranscriptionplace understood that to streamline qualitative research analysis, a systematic and methodical approach was required. They proposed and implemented a multi-step solution designed to address these challenges effectively. 

1. Transcription as the Foundation: 

myTranscriptionplace began by emphasizing the importance of transcription. They recognized that accurate and complete transcriptions were the building blocks of a robust analysis process. Instead of skipping this essential step, we advocate for it. 

2. Double-Verified Human Transcripts: 

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, myTranscriptionplace has introduced a process that generates 99% accurate double-verified human transcripts. This meticulous approach guarantees that every word spoken during interviews, including both respondent answers and moderator questions, is faithfully recorded. 

3. Data Sorting with Generative AI: 

Once the transcripts were prepared, myTranscriptionplace leveraged cutting-edge Generative AI to organize and sort the data. This significantly expedited the data management process, ensuring efficiency.  

4. Human-Curated Analysis for Precision: 

While software expedited data processing, myTranscriptionplace understood the irreplaceable role of human expertise in qualitative research analysis. We engaged a team of skilled analysts experienced in healthcare research to curate the entire analysis, double-checking the findings for accuracy and completeness. 


The implementation of this solution brought about transformative outcomes for our client. By embracing transcription as the foundational step, the agency achieved greater clarity and precision in their qualitative research analysis. 

Efficiency without Compromise:

Our client discovered that myTranscriptionplace’s methodological approach did not slow down their research process. By efficiently combining human transcription with advanced software, they achieved faster results that were on par with their previous turnaround times. 


With an India-based analyst team, myTranscriptionplace was able to provide cost-effective services that even more cost efficient compared to the previous providers. This financial advantage added further value to the collaboration. 


In the realm of healthcare research, the ability to extract accurate and meaningful insights from interviews is paramount. myTranscripitonplace not only recognizes the importance of transcription but elevates the entire qualitative research analysis process for Healthcare Research Agencies. The collaboration results in streamlined operations, improved clarity, and cost-efficiency, ultimately empowering the agency to deliver even more impactful research findings to their clients. 

Ready to Transform Your Healthcare Research Process?

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