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myTranscriptionplace's Role in Technical Document Translation for a Global Drilling Company

Jun 25, 2024, Jiten Madia


A leading global offshore drilling contractor, renowned for its state-of-the-art drilling fleet and high operational standards, recently faced a significant challenge. The company required the translation of its technical documents from Portuguese to English and English to French to ensure seamless communication and operational efficiency across its international projects. myTranscriptionplace, a specialized transcription and translation service provider, played a pivotal role in meeting these translation needs with precision and efficiency. 


The company faced several challenges in its translation requirements: 

1. Technical Complexity: The documents included highly specialized terminology and detailed technical instructions, necessitating accurate and contextually appropriate translations. 

2. Multilingual Demand: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across different languages was crucial to maintaining operational integrity. 

3. Formatting Consistency: The translated documents needed to preserve the original formatting to ensure they remained user-friendly and professional. 

Our Approach 

myTranscriptionplace adopted a structured and meticulous approach to address these challenges, focusing on the following key aspects: 

1. Expert Translators: 
Through our vast database and freelancer networks, we ensure to deploy translators with expertise in the drilling and oil industry, ensuring they were well-versed with the specific jargon and technical nuances of the documents. Each new translator was interviewed, tested thoroughly on sample translation project before onboarding. 

Language Proficiency: All translators were native speakers of the target languages (Portuguese and French) and fluent in English. ensuring high linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance. 

2. Rigorous Quality Control: 
Multi-Layered Review Process: Each translation underwent multiple rounds of review. Initial translations were checked by senior translators for accuracy, followed by technical experts to ensure the content was technically sound. 

Consistency Checks: Specialized software tools were used to maintain terminology consistency across the documents, essential for technical translations. 

3. Formatting and Presentation: 
Preserving Original Layouts: myTranscriptionplace ensured that the translated documents retained the original formatting, including charts, diagrams, and tables. This was crucial for the documents to be easily understandable and usable by the field teams. 

Professional Formatting Services: Beyond mere translation, myTranscriptionplace provided professional formatting services to ensure that the documents looked polished and ready for immediate use. 


1. Enhanced Communication: 
The accurate translations facilitated clear and effective communication among the company’s multinational teams, enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency. 

2. Operational Efficiency: 
With well-translated and consistently formatted documents, the company experienced fewer misunderstandings and errors in technical operations, leading to smoother project execution. 

3. Professionalism and Credibility: 
The high quality of the translated documents reinforced the company’s professional image, fostering trust and reliability with international clients and partners. 


The global offshore drilling contractor's partnership with myTranscriptionplace proved to be instrumental in overcoming its translation challenges. By leveraging specialized translation expertise and ensuring high standards in both accuracy and formatting, myTranscriptionplace enabled the company to maintain operational excellence and uphold its reputation in the international market. This case underscores the critical role of precise and professionally formatted translations in the successful management of technical documents in a multilingual business environment. 

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