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How to Increase your Transcription Speed using Transcription API

Oct 18, 2022, Sukanya Pant

What is API?  

An application Programming Interface, or API, is a software bridge that enables the communication between two applications. For the purpose of creating and integrating application software, it is a set of definitions and protocols. APIs enable communication between your product or service and other products and services without requiring you to understand how they are built.   

Why Transcription as a process might need API?  

Transcription is the process of converting audio files to the written form of that data.  
Transcription is to be performed on audio or video files. These video files do get generated on a generic online qualitative research tool like Zoom or specialized qualitative research platforms. Simply put Transcription APIs should save you the time compromised in exchanging hands from your platform to actual transcribers and the time compromised in sending back the transcribed file from the transcriber to you. API minimizes this time by enabling the exchange of files without leaving your video conferencing application and receiving files at the same place.  

myTranscriptionPlace offers 100% human transcription for your requirements. myTranscriptionPlace now also offers human transcription API. Using this transcription API, you can submit audio/video files for transcription directly from your video conferencing platform to the myTranscriptionPlace transcriber team.   

You can click and upload your audio or video meeting file from Zoom and we will receive a downloadable file URL from your service and provide a transcription file in return through a webhook, within the given delivery deadline.   

Using a transcription API thus increases your transcription speed. In the realm of business, the ability to save time is just as valuable as the ability to save money. The procedure of gathering the files to be transcribed, manually delivering them to your service provider, and corresponding with them to work up delivery schedules becomes a more complicated and time-consuming proposition. Our human transcription API will automate these processes after setting up our transcription API. 

Setting up a Transcription API

Setting up a transcription API is super easy. We can help you implement it if you have technical bandwidth within your system.  
Another solution is that you can use Flowres to conduct your focus groups and utilize the integrated experience interface of myTranscriptionPlace and Flowres.  

myTranscriptionPlace uses a transcription API that supports the exchange of requirements and files via features like:  

-List all available languages to transcribe   
-Get language pairs   
-Get transcription cost before making an order   
-Create an order with single/multiple files and get the status ID   
-Get an order status using the status ID   

To learn more about how Transcription APIs can help you streamline your file-sharing process and learn more about offering:  
Visit our website at myTranscriptionPlace and contact [email protected].