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Five compelling reasons to caption a video

Sep 20, 2022, Sukanya Pant

In this day and age, video is the most versatile and easy-to-consume form of media. Long-form, short-form, and animated- videos come in many shapes and styles. From the corporate worker to the rural labourer, to the lazy couch potato, videos are suitable for everyone and can be easily adapted to fit your niche. 

A growing feature in most videos recently is the addition of captions. Video content could be consumed in the form of audio as well, but with the addition of subtitles to video, its versatility has expanded to being consumed by just reading the closed caption as well. Adding close caption video content has great benefits, spelt out in a list of five of the most useful features below: 

1. Reach audiences far and wide 

The era right now is that of increasing awareness and inclusivity, and captioning your videos fits right in. Caption for video helps reach audiences far and wide, across spectrums and the world. Closed captions in videos are also highly beneficial to persons with hearing disabilities or deafness, contributing towards making the digital space more inclusive. There are also provisions to add captions in different languages to broaden your engagement amongst multiple ethnicities and nationalities. 

2. Suited to the fast-paced life

Captioning a video lets you “watch” a video without actually watching it. You can absorb the video’s content by just reading the captions. This fits into the audience of fast paced individuals, who watch videos on the go, but don't want the sound blaring from their speakers. Reading captions is also faster than watching entire videos, without losing any of the essence of the video. 

3. Better comprehension 

Many studies have shown that visual content is more understandable than written or other forms. And a neatly and appropriately caption on video makes it much easier to comprehend media. Captions make a video more appealing and engaging, grabbing the attention of the viewer and retaining that attention. Captions that are attractive also make the user more comfortable in sharing content with other people who might resonate with it. 

4. Improved SEO 

Captions also improve the SEO capacities of the content that you put out. Video captions make it easier for software to recognize specific keywords and help your content reach better rankings. Captioning videos creates a transcript for your video from which words and phrases can be extracted to increase SEO abilities. 

5. Better engagement 

All these factors play a great role in increasing your video’s reach. Engaging captions attract viewers, while relevant captions boost SEO. The more your captions improve SEO rankings, the more audiences your video will reach. Since your captioned video also has the capacity to reach audiences worldwide, it is sure to create improved video performance. 

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