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Critical things to keep in mind for content analysis

Sep 14, 2022, Sukanya Pant

The organisation of large volumes of data into highly structured collections of keywords is called content analysis. Content analysis is employed to make huge amounts of data easy to understand and reference. It organises answers from surveys, forums, interviews etc. into keywords or meanings, and distinguishes between responses by different participants. Use of Content analysis for qualitative research is to understand the attitudes and feelings of all respondents. 

Content analysis in qualitative research is very useful.Keyword highlight, response segregation, data filtering, and sentiment analysis are all examples of features provided while using content analysis, which can make content analysis even more dynamic. Using this service would also help a company save time and effort, as well as provide a more methodical way of analysing data. 

1. Knowing your goals

While doing content analysis, you should be mindful of what you wish to achieve. Content analysis qualitative has a broad scope in terms of application but knowing what you expect by using it can save you precious time and help make the process of analysing data even more fruitful. 

2. Trusting your provider 

It is very important to know and trust the company that you're going with for your content analysis requirement. Have a well-rounded, clear discussion with your content analysis provider about your requirements, and make sure they provide the service most suited to you. Learn about their prices, delivery, features and flexibility to know if it would be a good fit.

3. Features offered 

The features a company offers tell a lot about the skill. Knowing about all these features related to content analysis can make the process even more fruitful for you. Get information about the various features offered by your content analysis provider. There are many features that will help you save even more effort and make your research even more time-saving. 

4. Client testimonials 

It is always a good idea to research well about the company you want to trust your content analysis requirements to. Client testimonials are a great way to do that since they tell you about the experience others have had with the same company. It becomes useful to know others’ thoughts before you can entrust a company with content analysis.

5. Type of content analysis 

It is your choice to go with content analysis that is done by humans or is automated. Content analysis done by human beings would understandably be prone to more errors, whereas automated content analysis could help segregate responses and keywords almost instantaneously. Research the pros and cons of both and go with the company more suited to your needs. 

At myTranscriptionPlace, we offer 100% human transcription followed by automated content analysis. Data filtering and sentiment analysis are just some of the useful features we offer. Please reach out to [email protected] to know more about our content analysis services.