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*Last updated January 10, 2022. Please check competitors' website for latest rate.

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The demand for high-quality transcription services is growing at a fast pace. It's a fact that there are many market research agencies and researchers from various sectors who need to use the transcripts in their processes. myTranscriptionPlace offers high-quality transcription, translation and interpretation services for market research agencies, universities, businesses and corporate sector. We help our clients to get professional-quality transcripts from their audio-video files at a competitive price.

myTranscriptionPlace offers :-

  • 99% Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Transcription only by natives
  • 100% Human

Our transcription services are available 24/7, and we have a full-time staff of qualified professionals who can assist you with all your needs..

Here you can compare price of GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Rev with myTranscriptionPlace..

  • GoTranscript offers high quality transcription services at affordable rate.
  • TranscribeMe is the leader in the transcription industry and offers accurate transcription
  • Rev offers transcription services for individuals and businesses with recurring transcript and caption needs.
Language: English Rate Verbatim options Multi speakers Accuracy
$0.75 per minute Free $0.05 99% accuracy
$0.90 per minute NA $0.25 98% + accuracy
$1.25 per minute $0.75 $0.50 99% accuracy
$1.25 per minute $0.25 Free 99% accuracy

Compare foreign language transcription price of GoTranscript Vs. myTranscriptionPlace..

Language myTranscriptionPlace GoTranscript
Arabic 2.69 2.83
Azerbaijani 0.68 0.9
Chinese 2.15 2.83
Danish 3.39 5
Filipino 0.86 0.9
German 2.69 3.33
Italian 1.08 2.83
Japanese 4.09 5
French 2.69 3.33
Human Generated Transcription - myTranscriptionPlace



All transcripts are delivered by a qualified human professional transcriber and not a machine. Get accurate transcription within affordable budget, ready to use with no more edit hassles.

Cost Effective Transcription Translation and Interpretation - myTranscriptionPlace


Per Min

Affordable price with quality assurance. Our price starts from $0.75/min and vary depending on language and no of speakers. Looking for a rush job, we deliver fast transcription at $0.95/min for a 24 hour turnaround.

Translation - myTranscriptionPlace


Accuracy Guaranteed

Each transcript is peer checked by a native transcriptionist and corrected with our stringent quality control.

Transcription - Translation  -myTranscriptionPlace


Native Speakers

We believe in human transcription and work only with native speakers for the target language, also we ensure that these transcribers are fluent in English.

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